Here are Some Special Walks or Information on Various Walks in an Area

Mt Ainslie and Mt Majura in the ACT – area tracks and routes. This is a writeup that outlines various tracks and routes in these two adjoining locations in Canberra. I still have some updates to this data which will be done soon such as Circumnavigation route(s) of Mt Majura

Kowen Trail Runs. These trail runs are shown on the Bywong-Wamboin website at page. They are a series of community created paths in an area of Crown Forest just south of Bingley Drive, Wamboin and adjacent to Kowen Forest, ACT on its southern side

The Overland Track: Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair. This is a world famous walk which is now heavily managed by Parks Tasmania. I did it by myself in 1978 and again with my daughter and her friends in Nov 2014. This is summary of the 2014 walk with lots of Google Photos pictures, observations, maps and gps data

Arsenic Ridge Trail: Tabletop to Brooks Hut – Kosciuszko National Park. 5 of us surveyed and taped the old track in Nov 2019. Its now in a state that can be walked. This post has details on its location and various other items needed to walk this trail which is a substitute for some of the AAWT. – Note: To be updated with a revised route over the same area that we resurveyed 17-18th Dec 2020 because the major bushfires of late 2019 and early 2020 burnt out the area involved and also burnt down 4Mile Hut, Happys Hut and Brooks Hut although the latter’s fireplace still stands. The only hut standing anywhere near these sites is Broken Dam Hut. However most of these huts are planned to be rebuilt around 2022-24