• Cotter Dam from Scout Rock

    2018 05 24 Greenhills Scout Rock Murrumbidgee with MelbaShed

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    I led this walk, with 6 of us walking. We drove to a parking spot at Greenhills Function centre along the Cotter Road. Then we walked to Scout Rock lookout with grand views overlooking the Murrumbidgee River and the new Cotter Dam. From here we walked ad hoc along mostly a fenceline to to the river then continued around the  Murrumbidgee River track to the Cotter Pumphouse & then back to the parked vehicles at Greenhills. This was a MelbaShed walk

    Featured image shows view of Murrumbidgee River and Cotter Dam from Scout Rock

    Greenhills to Scout Rock to the Murrumbidgee River Track then to Cotter River Pump House then back to Greenhills

    6 walked. 5 of us met at the Shed by 8AM then drove to a parking spot at Greenhills, on the Cotter Road. We parked next to the Richard Moore’s old stone cottage site. Then from 8.45AM we walked down to the Chapel, then south across to Scout Rock for views, then down to Murrumbidgee walking track, then along it to the Cotter Bridge. On the way we met Fitz who had arrived late & walked down the main track to the River to meet us, which he did several hundred metres along the river track. Along the way we refound the two huts sites we had found on an earlier trip. Also along the track we passed a large group of school children & their teachers who were staying at Greenhills. Finally we went to the Pump House where we tried to visit inside which we were not allowed to do. However an Icon worker was very helpful & explained how they were just turning on the pumps to send water from the Cotter Dam to Stromlo as the two higher dams were very low in water levels. We then returned to Greenhills via an old sewer access road. Near Old Cottermouth we planned to visit the memorial plaque to Stephen Crean (brother of ex Federal Minister Crean) who passed away in the mountains in 1985 on a fateful cross country skiing trip. However we turned off to visit the site of the old Flying Fox at the Old Cottermouth scout site & in doing we bypassed the memorial.

    Afterwards we went to Maccas Weston Creek for coffee & snacks. We witnessed an employee falling down and injuring herself walking on the wet floor. The service we had was excellent with Neville winning by having coffee & raisin toast for $2.

    The weather was also excellent with no wind & and although it was overcast, cold & foggy to start it ended sunny & great. Greg’s GPS’s battery died just after the Pump House so the final part of the journey was recreated using the 2012 gps data.

    Guys Murrumbidgee Track
    Guys on Murrumbidgee River Track

    Overall we walked around 2hr 45mins. It was a Medium walk, distance of 5.9Km, mostly on dirt management trails & some dirt foot pads, with a steep drop down to the Murrumbidgee River. We also had to negotiate some thick scrub and crossing a fence a couple of times getting down to the river from Scout Rock. This replicated the last walk No.57 of 22 Nov 2012

    Walkers: Colin Fitzpatrick, Drew McDonald, John Edge, John Marsh, Neville Viney, Greg Hutchison

    Drivers: John Edge, Neville & Fitz

    Map of walk   | More pictures in Google Photos | Google Earth GPS file

    Notes: GPS map view using OSM map base | gps, gpx and GE files are located in Google Drive.

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