• Guys at Theodore

    2018 04 12 Theodore Knolls & Grinding Grooves with MelbaShed

    I led this walk, with 7 of us walking . We drove to parking spot at the end of Callister Crescent in Theodore, Tuggeranong. We then climbed on a management trail and a dirt footpad to the top of the knoll getting magestic views & then continued down a ridge to a management trail around the edge of Theodore continuing along it until we could visit an aboriginal grinding groove site. After we returned back along the track to the cars. This was a MelbaShed walk

    Featured image shows Guys on Theodore Knoll 1 Greg on far right

    7 walked. We all met at the Shed by 8AM & then drove in 2 cars to Callister St, Theodore. We then walked from 8.50AM up a steep dirt management until after a crest we turned left and took a final climb to the top of a prominent Knoll on the east section of Tuggeranong Hill Nature Reserve. We were afforded majestic views over parts of the valley north to Isaacs Ridge & Mt Taylor with glimpses of Tuggeranong Town centre and all the hills around. Looking South West we could view through a gap over Theodore Zone Sub-station to Banks and Mt Tennant and Booroomba Rocks behind. We then walked down a rocky ridge until we reached the 2nd but lower Knoll. Then we continued down a rocky ridge until we could get through a Gate and join the fire trail that goes behind Theodore. Bob who was feeling a little sore with a crook ankle decided to take the trail straight back to the cars. We then continued along the trail, taking a small short cut over a small rise until we could get through another gate before reaching the sign about the the amazing aboriginal grinding grooves. These was quite an excellent collection of cigar grooves used to sharpen axe blades and round grooves used to grind up seeds or other food or ochre. We then walked back to the car along the fire trail meeting Bob looking well pleased with himself waiting for us at 10.50AM.

    Back at Melba 4 of us retired to Maccas Charnwood for toasties, coffee & soft serves afterwards. The rest had other appointments

    Grinding Grooves
    Aboriginal Grinding Grooves

    Overall we walked about 2.0 hours.

    It was a Medium walk, distance of 5.3Km, mostly on dirt management trails & some dirt foot pads, with a climb of around 200m overall.

    Walkers: Bob Salmond, Colin Fitzpatrick, Drew McDonald, John Edge, John Marsh, Neville Viney, Greg Hutchison

    Drivers: Neville Viney, John Marsh

    Map of walk   | More pictures in Google Photos |  Google Earth GPS file

    Notes: GPS map view using OSM map base | gps, gpx and GE files are located in Google Drive



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