• Mt Taylor

    2018 03 29 Mt Taylor Circuit with MelbaShed

    I led this walk, with 6 of us walking . We drove to parking spot at the end of Waldock St in Chifley, Woden. We then climbed on 4WD & forest trails to Mt Taylor getting the usual fantastic views & returned to the cars using a steep descent trail and walking around the south and east side on nice footpads. We also viewed a fallen large branch of a gum tree that split open showing a beehive inside. This was a MelbaShed walk

    Featured image shows Guys at Mt Taylor Trig Station

    6 walked. We met by 8AM at the Shed, then drove in 2 cars to a Car Park at the end of Waldock St, Chifley. Access was Hindmarsh Drive, Eggleston Cres, then right into Macfarland Cres, then right into Waldock St. We then walk anti-clockwise around Mt Taylor, climbing on a 4WD then footpad to the top, then taking a footpad down to the SW joining a series of paths around south & east side & back to the cars. We had great views climbing on a western footpad, plus from the top over Woden & South Canberra as well as over Western Creek & Tuggeranong to the Tidbinbilla & Brindabella Ranges. We saw a lot of roos, a group of school children walking around the north-eastern lower tracks, & finished off viewing a bee hive inside a fallen & split branch of a gum tree.

    Mt Taylor beehive
    Beehive in fallen gum branch

    We then snacked & coffee’d at the Chifley Grocer at the Chifley shops.

    Overall we walked about 2.5 hours & the trip from Shed back to the Shed was 4 hours.

    It was really a Medium walk but the climb made it Medium-hard, distance of 5.3Km, mostly on dirt management trails & some dirt foot pads, with a climb of around 200m overall.

    Walkers: Colin Fitzpatrick, John Edge, Neville Viney, Richard Poon, Tony Weir, Greg Hutchison

    Drivers: Neville Viney, Greg Hutchison

    Map of walk   | More pictures in Google Photos |  Google Earth GPS file

    Notes: GPS map view using OSM map base | gps, gpx and GE files are located in Google Drive



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