• Greg Lake Burley Griffin

    2018 02 20 BlackMountain CSIRO Recces

    Two short recce walks – one from Civic Zone substation behind CSIRO through CSIRO to ANU entry & one from car park 3/4 way up Black Mountain to check out another walking route to the top. Both successful

    Featured image is of  Greg with view over Lake Burley Griffin from Black Mountain

    This was a 2.6km recce walk from behind the CSIRO on Frith Rd near the Evo Energy City Zone Sub Station, down through part of the CSIRO, then up and along the fence with the Aust National Botanic Gardens, to Clunies Ross St, along it for a bit then up South Rd, CSIRO, back to the fenceline and the car. This was to prove that we could later park near the Sub-Station and walk through into the ANU and back. Clearly this is now quite feasible and easy. I started this at 9.22AM and finished at 9.57AM. There were two gates between the CSIRO and ANBG which signs said were opened between 9.30AM and 4.30PM week days. Neither had been opened when I passed.

    Telstra Tower Black Mountain

    The second walk was 1.5Km from a car park towards the top of Black Mountain but not on the top. The Forest Walk hosts the CCT which goes past the top end of this car park. I walked clockwise around the CCT from this car park until I reached a trail that ascends from near Glen Loch. I then followed the continuation of this latter trail up to the top of Black Mountain, went right around the top then took a trail direct from near the tower back to the car park. I started at 10.09AM and finished at 10.32AM. This was simply to prove in this ascent trail section that I had never been on before. This trail from Glenloch is probably the longest and hardest ascent of Black Mountain that gets to the top.

    Map of walkMore pictures in Google Photos | Google Earth GPS file

    Notes:  GPS map view on map base using OSM cycle map | gps, gpx and GE files are located in Google Drive

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