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    2018 02 15 Oaks Estate Queanbeyan River Walk with MelbaShed

    I led this walk, with 7 of us walking . We drove to Queanbeyan and walked around Oaks Estate River Corridor finishing with coffee at the Millhouse cafe. This was a MelbaShed walk

    Featured image shows Greg near Queanbeyan River

    7 walked. 6 met at the Shed by 7.30AM, then drove in 2 cars to park in the central bus interchange car park behind junction of Morrisset & Collett Sts, where we met one more.

    We then walked from Collett St to Oaks Estate to see the Osage Orange Trees, old River Crossing sites, Molonglo-Qbn Rivers jn, the rail bridge over the river, the Qbn Cemetery, then along Qbn River to the historic 1938 Suspension Bridge. We then returned along the river bank and had Coffee & Milk Shakes at the Millhouse historic café.

    Queanbeyan River
    Queanbeyan River. Great view

    This walk was a combination of the Oaks Estate River Corridor Trail and the Queanbeyan River Trail.

    Views. There were some good views along the Queanbeyan River and of the junction of the Molongo & Queanbeyan Rivers. A lot of historic signs gave good background to the early settlers and the first inhabitants.

    The walk was Easy-Medium walk, distance of 7.4Km, taking , mostly on dirt management trails & some grass tracks. We took around 2hrs 15mins plus breaks.

    Walkers: Bob Salmond, Colin Fitzpatrick, Drew McDonald, John Edge, Neville Viney, Wally Kulesza, Greg Hutchison

    Drivers: John Edge, Bob Salmond, Drew McDonald (Motor Bike)

    Map of walk | More pictures in Google Photos | Google Earth GPS file

    References:  Canberra Tracks for Oaks Estate River Corridor

    Notes:  GPS map view on map base using OSM | gps, gpx and GE files are located in Google Drive

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