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    2018 02 08 Charnwood Short Walk with MelbaShed

    This walk was mainly led by Drew McDonald, with 11 of us walking along the path next to Kingsford Smith Drive.  Then through the top of Flynn into Charnwood then down a laneway to have our morning break at McDonalds at Charnwood shops. This was conceived as a short easy summer short walk for MelbaShed

    Featured image shows Greg between Miethke & Ryle Place Flynn with guys behind

    11 of us met at the Shed by 8.00AM on a pending hot day & then with Drew leading walked up Kingsford Smith Drive, into Pattinson Cres, then Miethke & Ryle Places to Love St, Spalding St, across Tilyard St, then down along a long laneway between Tilyard & Covington Cres to Maccas Charnwood. Here we joined Ted who was having his usual pensioner brekkie. Many of us indulged in pensioner small coffee & toasted sanger for $3 before returning to Melba via various laneways & streets south of Companion Cres.

    Guys at Maccas
    Guys with Ted at Maccas Charnwood

    The walk was an Easy walk of distance of 6.2Km, mostly on footpaths & some back roads. We took around 2hrs 10mins, with about 35 mins included for the coffee break.

    Walkers: Allan B, Bob S, Colin Fitz, Drew McD,  John E, John M, Neville V, Peter C, Tony D, Wally K, Greg H

    Map of walk | More pictures in Google Photos | GPS Files (gpx & Google Earth)

    Notes:  GPS map view on map base using OSM Garmin NSW Cycle base

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