• Greg with Lake Ginninderra

    2018 01 25 Short Walk around Lake Ginninderra with MelbaShed

    I led this walk, with 5 of us walking around Lake Ginninderra in a nice anti-clockwise direction.  We walked partly on some footpads and some open grass and mostly on the bitumen path that goes around the Lake. This was designed as a short easy summer walk. This was a MelbaShed short walk

    Featured image shows Greg on Diddams Hill with lake Ginniderra behind

    5 of us drove to Diddams Close off Ginninderra Drive and then walked from the car park around the Lake. Initially we went past the dog park then through a fence and along a very grassy area eventually finding an old footpad before climbing a steep short stretch to reach the top of the only hill around, which I named as Diddams Hill.

    Walkers Lake Ginninderra
    Walkers overlooking Lake Ginninderra

    The hill gave some good views over the north west side of the lake across to Mt Rogers as well as out to Mt Coree on the Brindabella Ranges. It is also possible to get a view across to Belconnen Town centre. We then went down past some disturbed areas to the main path and walked to a picnic area and stopped to inspect a new Unisex toilet structure. It passed our inspection as the individual toilets had both a toilet seat and a urinal for the male species. However Fitz was befuddled how to turn off the water tape at the sink outside. Of course it turned itself off through a timer. Nice when its new but it will all come crashing down and fail when it gets old and the hoons get involved. Yes I am a cynic!

    We continued right around the Lake stopping towards the end at the Birrigai Cafe at the Kangara Retirement Village for iced coffee and milkshakes. Interestingly whilst there one of our other walkers turned up with his wife and grandchild for their morning constitutional and coffee break.

    The walk was an Easy walk of distance of 6.4Km, mostly on footpaths & some grass tracks. We took around 2hrs 5mins, with about 20 mins included for the coffee break.

    Walkers: Bob S, Colin Fitz, Neville V, Tony D, Greg H

    Map of walk | More pictures in Google Photos | GPS Files (gpx & Google Earth)

    Notes:  GPS map view on map base using OSM Garmin NSW Cycle base

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