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    2017 11 02 West Dunlop – West Macgregor with MelbaShed

    I led this walk, with 7 of us walking around parts of West Dunlop and West Macgregor and along some of the Bicentennial National Horse Trail and the border walk near West Belconnen Pond to an Aboriginal Archeaological site in West Macgregor. This was a MelbaShed walk

    Featured image shows Greg happy to be home after too many flies

    7 walked. 6 of us met at the Shed by 8.15AM & drove in 2 cars to West Dunlop car park on Toft St near West Belconnen Pond. Here we met one more. Then from around 8.30AM we walked down along the Bicentennial National Horse Trail (BNT) along the ACT border to the entry to Jarramlee Property, then continued to Gooromon Ponds Ck, then to an Aboriginal Archeaological site in West Macgregor still along the BNT. We then stopped for a short break at an area where you can look straight over Ginninderra Creek.

    Border Jarramlee
    Border near Jarramlee Property

    We then continued into West Macgregor climbing through a fence & walked east then north down to Ginninderra Ck, crossing it & then up past Jarramlee Pond and into Dunlop finishing with partial circuit of West Belconnen Pond.  We finally drove to Charnwood for coffee at McDonalds. Bob was happy to get two soft served ice-creams for $1.00.

     Greg was happy he has finished as it was hot & the flies were a nuisance.

    Views. These were some good views out over the country side in NSW and along parts of Ginninderra Ck.

    The walk was Easy-Medium walk, distance of 9.7Km, taking , mostly on dirt management trails & some grass tracks. We took around 2hrs 45mins.

    Walkers: Bob Salmond, Brian Taylor, Drew McDonald, John Marsh, Peter Coppin, Tony Danaro, Greg Hutchison

    Ginninderra Creek
    Resting near Ginninderra Creek West Macgregor

    Drivers: Bob Salmond, Tony Danaro, Drew McDonald

    Map of walk | More pictures in Google Photos | Google Earth GPS file

    References:  Northern Centenary Border Walks   NTA brochure that outlines the walk along the border at West Dunlop – See walk 2  See also Border Walk ACT Govt | ACT Tracks Information on the West Macgregor Aboriginal Artefacts site

    Notes:  GPS map view on map base using OSM | gps, gpx and GE files are located in Google Drive


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