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    2017 09 26 Stockyard Spur Mt Gingera

    This was a long 8 hour 21.5Km day walk from Corin Dam on a very steep trail up Stockyard Spur to the Mt Franklin Rd, Pryor’s Hut, then Mt Gingera return

    Featured image is a small Red Neck Wallaby seen at Corin Forest


    I drove from Belconnen, Canberra to Corin Dam car park which was about 63Km one way. I had left home just after 7AM. Corin Dam Car park is at an altitude of about 960m.

    At the car park was another guy doing the same trip. He was a teacher from Muswellbrook. He left before me.

    I started the climb at 8.10AM and didn’t get back until 4.15PM. The weather was sunny, calm but cool.

    View of Mt Ginini

    The first 2.5Km is the hardest of the trip. It’s very steep and for the first part it’s largely climbing on wooden or rock steps put in about 5 years ago by ACT Bushfire workers. The climb over those 2.5Km is from around 960m at the Car Park to around 1490m at the Helipad where the 4 Wheel Drive track starts. It was a good point to stop for a morning tea break.

    It then gets easier but there is one large drop to a saddle and another short climb with a final drop to the Mt Franklin Road. On the way there is a nice high rocky area where you can get good views to Mt Ginini and also Mt Domain, I think to the NE.

    Along the main track another 30m there is a footpad to the south that shows the way to the Stockyard Spur Grandstand Lookout. Here you can see from a couple of spots the whole array of Namadgi peaks layed out to the east and way down to the south east covering McKeahnie down to Mt Kelly and numerous peaks in between.

    At the junction with the Mt Franklin Road there are two sign posts with signs about distances to various spots, its 3Km to Mt Gingera and 1Km to Pryor’s Hut. It’s about 1640m at the junction. I measured 7.2Km from Corin Dam to the Junction. On the way back I measured 6.7Km, but didn’t go to the 2 lookouts. The sign said 6.5Km.

    The walk to Pryors Hut is easy and about 930m. (The sign said 1Km). Pryor’s Hut is about 1644m and around 7.7Km from Corin Dam without any deviations. I went inside Pryors and took some pictures around but didn’t get any GPS readings until my return later.

    Greg on Gingera
    Greg at Mt Gingera Trig 1850m

    I then went along the road looking for water spots and found a couple along the road. The first good water was along the road around 270m from the hut and there is a scrubby access track to it. It’s a bit overgrown.

    I found more water right next to the track some 650m from the hut. I am unsure if it would be there in summer or autumn. Most of the water seems to come off Gingera. There is more water that could be permanent at the junction of Mt Franklin Road and the Mt Gingera ascent track.

    Walking along the Mt Franklin Road south after 1.2km from Pryors Hut the junction with the Mt Gingera ascent trail is reached. Here there is firm water. The walk up the track is easy until a saddle area is reached and then the track turns sharply and heads up to the summit. It’s a fairly easy climb. On the top it was interspersed with some scrub and then a fair amount of snow between the rocks along the main ridge. I initially went north following others footprints in the snow. I came to an open rocky area and was afforded great views over Namadgi to the east and Koscisuszko NP to the west. I could see that further back to the south there were a couple of small rocky outcrops that were higher so I went back that way. I then climbed the highest and took some more shots including some of KNP again. I think the largest snowed peak to the SW might have been Jagungal. It sure looked well covered being over 2,000m high. I think the highest part of Gingera is 1,857m.

    I then went further south to the My Gingera Trig site which has a guyed wooden pole stricture with a wooden post border marker under its south side. Here I was able to take some good panorama shots that I later sticked together.

    I heard a lot of cracking noises around. I went south into snow under the snow gums and came across a large number of Gangs-Gangs gorging themselves on tree nuts. They were clearly gang-gangs with their distinctive grey coast and Orange head covering. I had heard their raucous squawky sound some time earlier as I climbed.

    I then returned back the same way I had come but finding it much easier returning. I found coming down the original steep section daunting as I thought how the hell did I walk up here! My main issue was pain in one knee so I adapted by placing my left foot down over the steps.

    My overall trip was 21.5Km taking some 8 hrs 5 mins including breaks, i.e. morning tea, lunch, photo taking, looking at the hut, etc. I estimate an overall climb of around 1,000m.

    Corin Hub and New Square Rock Track Car Park

    On driving back I stopped at the new Square Rock Car Park and walked the new starting section until I reached the junction with the original track. This added another 1.7Km of walking to my daily total.

    There were many roos and quite a few Red Necked Wallabies round the car park and along Corin Road.

    I returned home about 6PM.

    Overview map of walk NSW TopoOverview map of walk OzRaster versionDetailed Section near Corin Dam | Detailed map around Mt Gingera |  More pictures in Google Photos | Link to Google Drive with maps & gps files

    Notes:  GPS map view on map base using OZRaster topo Map with permission of © BKK Enterprises Pty Ltd, http://www.gpsoz.com.au | GPS map view on map base using NSW Topo map with permission of NSW DFSI Spatial Services


    Link to John Evans trip Oct 2012 Photos. Shows a lot of snow around in Oct that year. Link to John Evans Walk Oct 2012

    Link to check on road closures ie Corin Dam Road


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